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Pan-African warmth. Woven in Ubuntu spirit. Rooted in wellbeing.

Inspired by its namesake, the Eastern Cape town of Alice, eDikeni is a uniquely Ubuntu-centric kitchen-bar-lounge tucked away in Africa’s commercial heart, Sandton, Johannesburg. 

Its location, 11 Alice Lane, is no accident. It’s a vision come to life for Ubuntu champion Lereko Ntshona, who grew up in Alice. But it’s not only a nostalgic ode to Ntshona’s hometown. Because of Alice’s historic and symbolic meaning, this space resonates with a heritage we all share. Being at eDikeni, surrounded by high-rises and corporate giants, feels a lot like being watched over by our great leaders, who overcame the odds to graduate from Alice’s Fort Hare University before changing our nation’s story. In a sense, Alice might be home to us all.

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Umntu ngumntu ngabantu

In this concrete jungle with its modern challenges and stresses, we’re missing a sense of connection – a sense of the village. It is connections that build us. You are recognised here, because we intentionally practice Ubuntu. This is reflected in the way we share food together. Together, we share a sense of being back home.
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Flavour + memory

In true African style, we treat all our guests generously.

Food comforts us. It makes us feel taken care of. But it also magically whisks us back to our childhood. Cook Noxolo Tshabangu stirs up the nostalgia of our youth and family togetherness with abundant heritage tables and hearty dishes that might celebrate a meld of Zulu, Swati, Tsonga, Portuguese and Indian cuisine.

Tuck into a la carte favourites like frikkadels, boerie rolls or a range of fresh salads and veggie dishes. Buffets for bigger groups include oxtail potjie (“My mother’s ‘knock-them-dead-with-my-eyes-closed’ dish, with its most special ingredient: HOPE!”) and u-mngqusho (samp and beans). All washed down with home-brewed eDikeni beverages – or any premium beverage you’d rightly expect to find in Sandton.

At eDikeni, though, Ubuntu is the star ingredient. You’ll be fed, but so will your soul.

Where the heart is

Home isn’t pretentious. Here, you can breathe easier. You’re recognised. You belong. You’re free to just be you. It’s also imbued with memory. And it’s where connection happens.

Host a group event where everyone feels at home.

eDikeni is the place where conversation flows and connections are made.
What better space for your group event?

Our flexible, capable team and versatile venue are ready to host your: art exhibition, birthday party, book club or book launch, corporate function, debate, film shoot, large heritage table celebration, lunch, intimate concert, listening session, meeting, pairing, panel discussion, photoshoot, product launch, reunion, streamed live event, tasting, team building session, unlikely conversation, webinar, workshop or year-end function.

Chat to us now so we can book in your date and make it happen.

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    "A pan-African social fabric, nourished by the roots of Wellbeing and woven in the spirit of Ubuntu…Wamkelekile eDikeni – Welcome to Alice"

    Lereko Ntshona



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